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Businesses that incorporate videos into their marketing strategy see higher engagement rates with their clients.


  • We take TV concepts from their initial ideas and alongside our clients, transform them into world class productions that can be broadcast internationally.
  • We have extensive experience in scripting, pre-production, production & post production.
  • We have access to large music libraries and can provide all services including editing, colour grading, voice-over recording and broadcast quality audio mixing.
  • Tools we use for scripting and conceptualising include Storyboard Quick, Final Draft & Adobe Story.


An excerpt of a documentary we produced that was broadcast nation-wide on Channel 7 in Australia.


  • We take TV shows that have already been filmed and edit them into final masterpieces ready for delivery and broadcast. We’ve done this for a range of TV shows that have been broadcast around the world.
  • We provide this service to both local and international clients using our unique web-streaming service to connect with producers and directors.
  • Our extensive experience in editing platforms covers Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve and Premiere Pro.
  • We provide this service both on our systems or onsite in the clients edit suite.

Due to copyright reasons we can’t show you excerpts from some of the shows our team have worked on. But we can tell you!

Our editing experience includes:

  • Bondi Vet
  • The Living Room
  • The Making Of
  • Lost & Found
  • Jamie Durie’s G’day Cirque du Soleil
  • Mercurio’s Menu
  • Guide to the Good Life
  • The Olympics


  • We take your video and give it the perfect look, ready for broadcast around the world.
  • We take finished shows, ingest them into our system and deliver the final graded product to clients in the required broadcast format.
  • We have colour graded a huge range of TV shows for a range of international markets and broadcasters.
  • We have extensive experience with DaVinci Resolve, Avid Symphony and Final Cut Pro and use all these platforms on our colour grading suite.



  • We have produced a range of corporate videos for clients around the world.
  • Our process is similar to TV production, where we take clients through concept to pre-production, production and post-produciton.
  • Ending with a  world class product that meets the clients needs and communicates well with the target audience.
  • We use a range of tools to produce incredible results and provide all aspects of production including online delivery and the production of the various formats that are needed for effective use on social media platforms.


A corporate video we produced for client’s rebranding program.


  • We use the latest 2D and 3D animation tools to help clients communicate effectively and quickly using animation.
  • Our experience ranges from adding the “cool” factor in short videos through to extensive animation sequences.
  • We have designed graphics packages for TV shows and have taken clients logos and animated them in 3D and 2D.
  • To achieve the best results we use the software platforms of Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.



  • Over a range of productions we help “trick up” scenes to make them look amazing.
  • Our skill set ranges from adding extra elements into scenes, rotoscoping people onto new backgrounds and creating complex green screen sequences.
  • We use a combination of Adobe After Effects, Imagineer Mocha, Primatte and Camera Tracker by Foundry to achieve seamless results.


A corporate video we produced demonstrating some compositing effects.